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Naturally Cultured Butter

PrintCultured Butter

Traditional Cultured Butter is also known as European butter. It has a lactic culture added to the cream before it is churned and is kept at a controlled temperature (usually overnight) while a slightly acidic flavour develops. Most European butter is typically not salted. IBA Butter (95% of world production) is made by indirect biological acidification, a culture solution is added to the butter after churning.


Our Butter is cultured using a unique blend of four cultures, the cream is let to sit for up to 18 hours to let the flavour develop and the pH of the cream to decrease.

The butter has a slight acidity with a crisp, clean finish that gets your saliva glands working. A very European style butter unlike any domestic butter on the market. Our salted butter is lightly salted using a natural lake dried salt from Mt Zero. We really wanted that traditional crunch in our butter that good European butters have from natural salts.

Visitors to King Valley Dairy can watch the butter production from our viewing room and museum. The butter churning takes about 2 hours from start to finish. Our packaging was initially designed by the awesome crew at Swear Words and later updated by Susanna Murray who worked tirelessly to get the look we were after.

Unsalted & Cultured Butter

Natural cultured butter great for cooking and baking or just to have on toast for a sodium free option, low moisture count perfect for pastry.

Lightly Salted & Cultured Butter

Lightly salted with Lake Dimboola Salt from Mt Zero. A natural lake salt with a sharp taste and course texture. Perfect to cut through the butter fat. We use salt with 1mm aggregate to give a little crunch to the taste.