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King Valley Dairy maintains strong values across all aspects of the business, all of the team are expected to uphold these values and live by them making King Valley Dairy a vibrant and socially aware company. Whenever a decision is made within the company it must relate to the four pillars. Is it ethical? Can we proceed with integrity? Are we being real? Do we have to compromise any of our values?

King Valley Dairy Story

Initially in 2010 King Valley Dairy (KVD) started as The Butter Factory Myrtleford. The early years were filled with incredible highs and also a few hurdles. The initial butter was sometimes inconsistent, it took a little time to get to know the seasonal variations within the milk production. Butter is made from separating the fat that is dispersed in the milk by using agitation, fermenting the cream with cultures prior to agitation develops the flavour compounds and acidifies the cream to create a better tasting, richer and healthier butter.

IMG_2693In 2013 Myrtleford butter won the Dairy category in the Delicious magazine produce awards for their lightly salted butter and again 2014 for their naturally cultured crème fraiche. Myrtleford butter was recognized as one of the best artisan products in Australia, but, the Myrtleford factory was not big enough to maintain the customer supply and soon the owners had to make a decision.

Wanting to grow the business and be able to increase production and provide an exceptional tourism experience for visitors saw the need to look for an alternative premises and the decision was made to relocate the business to another old Dairy factory in the area with enough land to expand into the future. A move in 2016 to the King Valley was an opportunity to rebrand the business to King Valley Dairy to allow the expansion into other innovative cultured Dairy products other than butter, although our award winning butter will remain our core business.

King Valley Dairy

King Valley Dairy