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Ethical production & Sustainability

PrintKVD believes in doing whatever is within our power to maintain an ethical and sustainable business. Our main raw ingredient is sourced from an all Australian owned local Dairy co-op from grass fed local cows, we also work with our neighbouring dairy farmers to provide us with raw milk and added manure for the gardens. We have created a no waste production system.

We value all aspects of the supply chain and work with some of Australia’s best chefs. A unique program we have been working to put in place with our farmers and chefs is an ethical offset program. Bobby calves are a fact of dairy farming, when you breed animals there will always be a percentage of males to females born its nature.

Having a closed loop production is very important to us, so we are developing our ethical offset program for our customers to offset the animal welfare issues surrounding dairy production.

cow & calfDeveloping our relationships with our local dairy farmers with an understanding that they will grow out their bobby calves to a 100Kg dressed weight, usually takes about 5 months. We work out the average of bobby calves produced on each farm per liter of milk produced, this determines the number of bobby calves produced by our factory to manufacture our products. We can then determine by the sales per annum from each of our customers what their bobby calf to product ratio is, our customers can then buy this butchered calf from us for their seasonal menu. Creating a secondary income stream for the farmer and creating a more sustainable industry.

We make sure all of our water is retained on site and reused in the garden to grow food for sale in the café and food store.

All of our ingredients for our products are sourced from sustainable suppliers, we choose to use Mt Zero Lake Dimboola salt for our butters and produce curing. They not only harvest from dried lake beds in western Victoria it is also a co-initiated business with the local indigenous network.  – see their story

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