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Meet the team

Naomi Ingleton


Naomi Ingleton has spent all of her life around food, growing up surrounded by a family of Dairy and Potato farmers a natural progression into cooking and agriculture was obvious. Naomi found the Myrtleford factory whilst working on the pilot project for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and set the site up initially as a farm to table café. In 2009 after the birth of her first son, the GFC and Black Saturday bush fires a need to diversify the business was evident. Making a true cultured butter to rival the European imports was the right product. In 2012 Naomi was awarded the Jack Green Fellowship through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust giving her the opportunity to travel through Europe working with the best butter makers in the world.

David Taylor

DavidDavid Taylor is a country boy from the Victorian border town of Echuca, David is athletic and spends his free time either riding the local Mountain Bike trails or Skiing the Alpine slopes. David has a keen interest in human health and nutrition studying Pharmacy when he left high school and working as a registered Pharmacist. David commenced a post grad degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition until Naomi’s return from Europe. Following the birth of their second son and the success of the butter meant that David retired from Pharmacy to take on the position of Production Manager and is in charge of continuing the high quality and consistency King Valley Dairy customers have come to expect. David is excited about expanding the product range and developing new products in the future.

KVD Team

The KVD team are dedicated to producing exceptional innovative naturally cultured dairy products with integrity and believe in serving our customers by maintaining real relationships and an ethical sustainable production process from the farm gate to the store, uncompromising on our values.